See Photos: BMW iX5 Hydrogen debuts at the 2021 IAA

BMW continues its pursuit in integrating hydrogen fuel cell technology on their line-up. They are one of the few brands in the automotive industry to still believe in the numerous advantages of hydrogen technology. However, there has been a lot of serious problems, too. As a result, many automotive companies have already dropped this idea and focused on full battery-electric vehicles instead. But BMW holds differently. In fact, during the 2021 IAA in Munich, the Bavarians debuted their latest hydrogen vehicle, the BMW iX5 Hydrogen.

See Photos BMW iX5 Hydrogen makes a debut at the 2021 IAA

Looking at the new BMW iX5 Hydrogen, its silhouette and style look extremely close to the BMW iX3. With the blue bits and exhaust tip replacements, its looks don’t really fall far from the standard model. Meaning, it is unlikely that you will see any huge, game-changing design elements.

But, as for the iX5 Hydrogen’s internals, it’s a far cry from the iX3. The Hydrogen model generates a massive 374 horsepower from the hydrogen fuel cell. Normally, EVs make use of a battery powering the electric motor. And in case you’re wondering how they store the hydrogen fuel, it’s locked up in two 700-bar of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) tanks. Then, they’re stored where the X5’s gas tank would be.

See Photos BMW iX5 Hydrogen makes a debut at the 2021 IAA

So, what’s really the deal with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that a known brand like BMW keeps on trying to reinforce them? Their refill time – refilling the hydrogen fuel cell takes minutes. It’s a big advantage, especially when you know that it often takes hours to recharge an electric automobile. However, due to the lack of hydrogen fuel stations, finding a place to have a refill can be pretty difficult.

See Photos BMW iX5 Hydrogen makes a debut at the 2021 IAA

With all that said, the Bavarians are still betting on hydrogen’s future in the industry. True enough, it can be a solution for long-haul trucks and other commercial vehicles with immediate refuelling needs. But BMW believes that it can also suit passenger cars. And if the time comes that hydrogen fuel starts to dominate the market, the BMW iX5 Hydrogen is at the forefront to lead the others.

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