Video – BMW M3 GTS: Why it is unique


Rolf Scheibner, Product Manager for the M3 GTS talks about the BMW M3 GTS on this video. Priced at 115,000 euros, this is not the cheapest sporty car that one can get. Scheibner explains why it is worth buying — which consequently explains why first units of the M3 GTS have already been sold out.

What makes the M3 GTS unique? It is lightweight at 3285 lbs. It has adjustable aerodynamic units. The engine size and V8 output has been increased. It has a motorsport worthy suspension technology.

The M-high performance engine with a capacity of 4.4 liters and capable of 450 horsepower has been exclusively developed by BMW engineers for the M3 GTS. The 7-speed M dual clutch transmission with adapted shift characteristics completes sheer driving pleasure.

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