[Video] BMW i4 M50 shows off superb action at Nurburgring

It’s been quite loud around Munich lately with the launch of various new vehicle models from most manufacturers. While top automotive industry professionals are in Munich, work is still on throughout the country. During the IAA Mobility show, among the Bavarian’s fleet of cars is the i4 M50, their electric four-door coupe. Being included in the show might get you thinking it’s already out for launching. In reality, it still got its other prototypes out for testing.

Mercedes-Benz and Audi brought forward an impressive line-up of their vehicles in Munich. And to be honest, it seems like BMW falls quite behind in the EV competition. The wait for the first BMW iX or i4 doesn’t help either as its biggest competitors continue to deliver thousands of electric cars and new models daily. With their EV line-up that keeps attracting many on-lookers, we think this is the time to start selling them.

From the specs to its technology, we have already seen everything there is to know about them. Despite this, nobody but BMW has had the opportunity to test drive the car. No one outside the Bavarians has ever evaluated whether or not they operate effectively. However, in the video listed above, you can see the test drivers pushing the i4 to the limit. It only proves the groundbreaking power that the i4 M50 holds. It’s BMW’s first-ever electric car, yet it’s ready to dominate most of the existing EVs in the market. All thanks to the most powerful letter in the world embedded in its name.

As a result, this already stirred some high expectations on the line for the i4 M50, and it really got us thinking of what the German brand’s next move will be. Its powerplant generates 544 HP and over 800 Nm of torque, with a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 3.9 seconds. Heavy on weight, the suspension is precisely calibrated to ensure that it is neither too harsh nor soft on public roads. We’re yet to find out if BMW can successfully pull it off. Also, the video we featured from CarSpyMedia doesn’t give us a clear view of the i4 performance, either. Don’t worry; we’re sure to give you the latest updates once released. So stay tuned!

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