BMW i Vision Circular, an All-Recyclable Car in 2040

The BMW i Vision Circular departs from the typical vehicle upgrades we see, transforming from highly styled and powerful concepts to one that is fully recyclable. By 2040, BMW aims to launch a type of vehicle that reuses secondary materials to reduce its carbon footprint.

100% of the materials are sustainably sourced and recyclable, meaning they can be reused for a new product. This four-seat electric vehicle has a spacious interior even though it’s just a four-meter long concept car. The i Vision Circular brings a clever setup as the BMW Group employs no bonding or composite materials. Not only do the wheels have centre lock fasteners but this socket wrench can help remove other components, saving resources. The light gold anodized finish complements the heat-treated steel is on the back end. In effect, it displays some contrasting colours at the back part of the vehicle.

The digital panels at the front and rear replace the real headlights which make it different. This 2040 concept car looks funky look as the digital kidney grilles at the front complements its whole look while extending at the front end width. The “phygital” user interface that visualizes the car thinking also replaces the usual infotainment system a typical vehicle has.

A warm atmosphere is created with the help of organic materials. Other details also play their role such as the high-tech head-up display and steering wheel controls. This includes the four-spoke design, which features glowing crystals alongside the touch-sensitive buttons for controlling the head-up display, which are located on both sides of the steering wheel. The all-new BMW i Vision Circular presents a fully recyclable concept for the year 2040 that focuses on an environmentally friendly upgrade.

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