[VIDEO] Affordable MINI Cooper SE Reviewed by Carz.co.za

In many regions, such as North America and South Africa, the MINI Cooper SE is the most affordable electric car on the market. And around the globe, it’s among the cheapest. In this new video from Cars.co.za, you can find out whether South Africa’s cheapest electric car is really worth buying.

The Cooper SE is made from leftover stock and is not a high-end electric car built from the ground up on an electric platform. Apart from its BMW i3 powertrain and rear-mounted battery, it is based on the existing MINI Cooper chassis. As a result, it has a tiny 32.6 kWh battery pack (of which only 28.9 kWh is usable) and a front-wheel drive 181 hp electric motor. The maximum range is limited to about 114 miles and the speed from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds.

But aren’t MINIs meant to be fun? Often they are meant to provide a driving experience that makes up their lack of power, performance and comfort. So can Ciro di Siena from Cars.co.za drive the little MINI Cooper SE back to his heart?

Well, di Siena repeated the point that electric drive suits MINIs well and that it is a fun little car. They have improved on the MINI Cooper’s quick, enjoyable “go-kart” handling with instant torque and quick acceleration. However, this is not enough to make many people buy it.

When it gets cold, the maximum range drops below 100, which is impractical for most people. It is suitable for city people who have access to charging stations and drive less than 25 miles per day. On the other hand, owning one is a bit of a nuisance. Could it be better with the low sticker price? The MINI Cooper SE isn’t going to be a big seller anytime soon but it depends on some customers.

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