BMW IconicSounds Sounds Amazing in the BMW i4 M50

Automakers are becoming increasingly inventive when it comes to made-up noises on electric vehicles. And the luxury carmaker does not disappoint. Indeed, the BMW IconicSounds sounds impressive in the BMW i4 M50.

Without the vibrations and powertrain noise, EVs are often unexcited to drive. Some enthusiasts find it less fun to rev an EV even with its power and speed. BMW hired Hans Zimmer to design the IconicSoundsElectric system first used in the BMW i4 M50.

Depending on the driving style, you can turn on or off the system via drive select modes. It is noticeable yet quiet in Comfort and Eco Pro but louder in Sport mode. This mode reacts to throttle and regenerative brakes. It noisily reacts to every bit of powertrain input. But it’s not simply an accelerating and braking noise; it’s far more complex.

BMW IconicSounds Sounds Amazing in the BMW i4 M50

Of course, it’s artificial noise; the car can’t possibly create those noises alone. The noises, on the other hand, are so well-engineered. It adapts to inputs and sounds entirely in sync and accurate with what the car is doing.

Zimmer and the rest of the team have worked extremely hard to match the noises that the driver inputs. It appropriately adapts to the amount of throttle input the driver gives in real-time.

BMW IconicSounds Sounds Amazing in the BMW i4 M50

The main takeaway is that it’s fun to drive. Similar to when you ring the engine out on an Audi R8 V10 or a Porsche 911 GT3 to hear the roar. It’s part of what makes driving the i4 M50 so much amusing. Indeed, the BMW IconicSounds sounds “iconic” in the BMW i4 M50.

Other vehicles use speaker augmentation to improve the sound of their engines. But the i4 M50’s engine acoustics sound far better than typical speaker-boosted engine noises. The BMW i4 M50 has excellent specs, and the Han Zimmer noises complete the package.

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