The Photo Debut of the 2023 BMW M340i Sedan and Touring Are Finally Here

Fans obviously did not miss how BMW did not include the M340i in the 3 Series LCI’s debut. Fortunately, the 2023 BMW M340i Sedan and Touring are finally here. Check out the debut photos of these new 3ers here.

As part of the series, both the Sedan and Touring wear similar visual modifications as the other versions. These performance cars are noticeable for their distinct grille design. Also, BMW decided to have a honeycomb pattern for the kidneys.

The M3040i Sedan here comes with a blacked-out grille from the M high-gloss Shadow Line option. Metallic fins horizontally positioned come as standard for the M340i Touring.

These official debut pictures featured the M340i, but there’s more in BMW’s lineup. BMW confirmed that it would continue to market its M340d in the same body forms. This announcement is different from the rumor that the German carmaker would remove the six-cylinder 3 Series Model.

Rumors also said that BMW would only keep its M3. But the reality is that the M Performance gasoline and diesel models are here to stay. Well, at least until the second half of G20/21’s lifetime.

The 2023 BMW M340i Sedan and Touring still have a pair of 3.0-liter engines with the same power. But now, it comes with mild-hybrid technology that BMW also implemented on its four-cylinder diesel powertrains.

A 48V starter-generator represents the upgraded hardware. This acts as an electric drive unit that helps the ICE provide up to 11 horsepower electric boost. Additionally, a brake energy recuperation system upgrades the power of the extra battery. Overall, five engines received the mild-hybrid upgrade.

2023 BMW M340i Sedan and Touring Are Finally Here

In related news, BMW also unveiled the interior of the 2023 M3 Sedan. It unexpectedly switched to the iDrive 8 to reflect the upcoming M3 Touring. BMW indeed has more surprises in store for their fans.

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