[VIDEO] BMW M3 Touring took 7:35.060 minutes at the Nurburgring

BMW M brings the M3 Touring to the famed Nurburgring track to record its official time. The BMW M3 Touring took 7:35.060 minutes at the Nurburgring. Meanwhile, the M4 CSL lapped the Green Hell in 7 minutes 20.207 seconds.

BMW will unveil the first-ever BMW M3 Touring in just a few days. Despite an early leak, the teaser efforts still continue in Munich. Check out the video of the M3 Touring gracing the Nurburgring.

The new BMW M3 Touring will arrive only in its Competition xDrive-spec. It will have a 3.0-liter twin-turbo I6 engine with 503 horsepower (510 PS). Also, it will carry an eight-speed automated transmission. Of course, the Touring is an all-wheel-drive performance car.

The M3 will almost certainly weigh more than the  M4 Coupe Competition. It will also not benefit from the CSL’s power boost. The M3 Touring might weigh just under 4,000 pounds. This is apparent in how the M3 Competitive xDrive weighs just below this figure. 

Competition xDrive models will more likely become the most popular M3/M4 models. As a result, it only makes sense to equip the M3 Touring with the most famous running gear. The top speed is usually limited to 250 kilometers per hour. However, with the M Driver’s Package, this electronic limit can increase to around 280 km/h.

Sadly, BMW has no plans for other M3 Touring variants. This means we will not have a manual RWD version.

BMW has previously shown the 2023 M3 Sedan with the iDrive 8. Thus, it is not a surprise that the Touring will also get the same entertainment setup. This means a fully digital 12.3-inch instrument cluster and a 14.9-inch touchscreen on the mirror.

The M3 Touring will make its international debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. It will begin on June 23 until June 26.

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