BMW M4 Models To Have Black BMW M Graphics

Excitement surrounds BMW M’s 50th anniversary. Surprise! BMW M4 models to have black BMW M graphics. Enthusiasts may now celebrate the occasion by personalizing their M4!

BMW M4 Models To Have Black BMW M Graphics

Of course, not all fans can afford to purchase an M4 CSL. And some won’t even get an allocation. But they can have some treats to make their regular BMW M4 models a little more exciting. This includes a black-painted BMW M graphics package. This one is identical to the one seen on the M4 CSL.

In Europe, this new graphics option is available in practically any BMW M4 color. But owners will not be able to have this option on Black Sapphire Metallic. Because, of course, the graphics are all black. Nevertheless, the Dravit Grey or Skyscraper Grey can still get the Black BMW M option. These are the darkest color scheme that can get the Black BMW M graphics.

BMW M4 Models To Have Black BMW M Graphics

These images here flaunt the graphics in question on the blue BMW M4. They include a hood (bonnet) and trunk stripes.  It is a bit pricey for some painted graphics. However, they make the car look a little more festive. Especially because these might only be available this year as part of BMW’s half-century celebrations. Thus, it could be a one-of-a-kind option in the future that adds value to your M4

For now, the option is only available for the M4 Coupe models. These include the M4 Competition Coupe and standard M4 Coupe manual. The M4 Competition Coupe xDrive models can also have these new graphics. Also, the M3 and M4 Convertible variants may get it soon.

BMW M4 Models To Have Black BMW M Graphics

This painted graphic option is only meant to make your M4 look like the M4 CSL. But, of course, it will lack all the other CSL features. Nevertheless, these stripe bits are worth the more aggressive look.

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