Video – BMW hides sketches of the “0 Series” in their promotional video

We have previously reported that BMW has sneaked these sketches of their new car below the 1 Series, tagged as the “0 Series”, in their promotional video:

Now, we present to you the full promotional video where you can see these rendering sketches, a shot on a designer’s Wacom Cintiq pen tablet, a clay model of the car, and a pencil/charcoal drawing. All these are signs that BMW is indeed brewing something new for BMW enthusiasts.

This video is part of their Innovation Days tour in Asia which began two weeks ago in Tokyo. The tour will proceed to Seoul and Hong Kong by the second week of October 2010.


Based on these sketches alone, we can see that the 0 Series will be a three-seater. But we cannot really expect that these exact designs make it to production. Most likely, this will be released in a slightly different form to meet the safety standards, and under a different name

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