[VIDEO] BMW GINA Concept Astonishes with Surprise Comeback

Surprisingly, BMW introduced the GINA Light Visionary Model 15 years ago. Still, unlike typical concepts, this one resurfaces in a new walkaround video. It showcases its revolutionary “Geometry and Functions In ‘N’ Adaptions.”

Some may argue that GINA’s visual appeal surpasses the i Vision Dee and iX Flow. It’s because this unique roadster can transform its exterior skin and colours. While BMW revived the concept in 2016 with the Vision Next 100 and its expanding body, enthusiasts hold a special fondness for GINA’s remarkable shape-shifting abilities.

Since 2001, the extraordinary GINA concept, derived from the iconic Z8, has captivated enthusiasts with its butterfly doors and roofless design. In the accompanying film, GINA boasts an innovative flexible cloth cover stretching over a movable structure. This cleverly conceals panel gaps to create the illusion of a seamless, single-panel body.

Beneath the polyurethane-coated Spandex, GINA’s water-resistant and temperature-resistant fabric, even the headlights remain concealed. Like James Bond’s Z8, GINA unveils its V8 engine through a split bonnet. Meanwhile, a sophisticated system hidden behind the fabric skin allows the vehicle’s creases and rear spoiler size to be adjusted.

In practice, GINA transforms its shape through a hidden frame with moving components connected by an aluminium wire framework. Hydraulic and electric actuators propel these elements, enabling the alteration of GINA’s form. The translucent fabric allows the taillights to shine through, while the body comprises just four parts. The largest component extends from the front along the edges of the windscreen. This continues down the sides to meet the rear of the doors.

Even after 15 years, the GINA concept remains captivating, especially when considering BMW’s achievement with the stunning Z8 sports roadster. While there were no plans for GINA’s production, the rapid advancement of technology leaves room for possibilities in the future. Who knows what may lie ahead?

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