[VIDEO] BMW M440i Facelift Takes on Nürburgring in Full Attack Mode

In September 2019, BMW surprised everyone with the vertical kidney grille on the Concept 4. The 4 Series Coupe G22 production version debuted the following year. Since the design was already set, the road-going model retained the love/hate front grille. Despite the criticism, BMW is committed to maintaining the eye-catching appearance in the next 4 Series redesign.

In a recent Nürburgring video, the M440i Coupe is seen tackling the demanding course with aggressive manoeuvres, including slight slides. The attention-grabbing grille, accompanied by sharper-looking headlights reminiscent of the 2024 X5/X6 LCI, remains unmistakable even under camouflage. Notably, BMW’s design team has restyled the bumper and made subtle alterations to the taillights.

The M440i features the M-specific side mirror design, previously exclusive to full-fledged M models. However, it is now adopted by modern M Performance versions. As expected, the visual update on the 3 Series LCI extends to the M440i and M440d. This includes sportier side mirror caps akin to the M340i and M340d.

Considering that the 4 Series lineup has already transitioned to the dual-screen setup of iDrive 8, it is unlikely to undergo significant interior changes. However, BMW is gradually introducing iDrive 8.5 with its improved user-friendly interface. Thus, it is reasonable to expect the 4 Series LCI to adopt the same upgrade.

As the 4 Series lineup undergoes a revamp, the forthcoming M4 CS will likely resemble an M3 CS Coupe featuring the updated headlights. Anticipated for next year, the Euro 7 standard is set to be enforced by mid-2025, prompting BMW to enhance the engines of the more affordable models for improved efficiency.

According to rumours, the G22 LCI will begin production in March 2024, which means BMW will introduce the updated 4 Series Coupe at the start of 2019.

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