[REVIEW] Exploring the 2022 BMW 230e Active Tourer Minivan

The 2022 BMW 230e Active Tourer is the latest addition to BMW’s line-up of plug-in hybrid vehicles. When launched this spring, there will be no other minivan ever equipped by BMW with the latest BMW eDrive technology. It will also be the fastest minivan ever built by BMW. The top PHEV minivan is based on the fifth-generation eDrive architecture, from the components of the i4 and iX all-electric cars.

Combined with an electric motor, this vehicle achieves a total output of 326 hp and 480 Nm of torque. According to the manufacturer, the official sprint time of the 230e Active Tourer is 5.5 seconds. Its electric range is 90 km on the WLTP cycle, thanks to a 14.2 kWh battery pack (16.3 kWh gross). As the electric motor is located in the rear of the vehicle, more power is often transmitted to the rear wheels. You can buy a 2 Series Active Tourer almost only with rear-wheel drive.

Although this is the most intensive mode of braking, the integration of electric motor and braking system is seamless. The braking mechanism takes over at 0.15 g, according to BMW engineers on site. The new BMW 230e Active Tourer also features Boost mode. The “fun mode” is activated via a gearshift paddle behind the steering wheel. The intelligent system can automatically detect a car ahead and adjusts the braking power accordingly. But when you put the car into Sport mode, the one-pedal feel takes control. 

Despite being heavier, the 230e Active Tourer runs quicker than the claimed 5.5 seconds for the sprint. As expected, the steering is smooth and the firmness of the suspension varies from Comfort to Sport mode. The 230e Active Tourer is undoubtedly more fun than a pure ICE car, and it often feels more like an electric car than a hybrid. BMW’s 230e Active Tourer is currently the star of the PHEV family, not just the minivan family. It’s conceivable that future BMWs will use this technology, but until then, the 230e Active Tourer remains a unique selling point for the brand. It is a wonderful minivan for picking up your children from school.

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