Wheelsandmore BMW M8 Competition Coupé with up to 775 hp

The BMW M8 Coupe from Wheelsandmore undoubtedly has wheels and more power. But all joking aside, the German tuner is pleased to present its latest aftermarket package for Bavaria’s mighty grand tourer. It’s not based on the new facelift, but you would not know it because LCI has only made minor aesthetic changes.

Wheelsandmore BMW M8 Competition Coupé with up to 775 hp

Wheelsandmore’s plug-and-play solution adds 690 hp and 890 Nm to the already powerful Competition. If you opt for the Stage 1 Kit, the twin-turbo V8 receives even more extensive modifications. Power raises to 720 hp and 890 Nm (656 lb-ft) after the upgrade. It is available for vehicles produced until June 2020.

Enthusiasts with an insatiable need for power can also opt for a Stage 2 kit. Wheelsandmore modifies the exhaust and downpipe in addition to the ECU and other chip tuning tricks. You get a whopping 775 hp and 910 Nm (672 lb-ft). On the other hand, the more powerful package is only compatible with vehicles manufactured before June 2020 and it does not include a petrol particulate filter.

Wheelsandmore BMW M8 Competition Coupé with up to 775 hp

The BMW M8 Competition Coupé rides on 21-inch forged wheels, available in three different configurations. Apart from the terrible cost of the model, it also includes a central locking adapter for that race car feel. Wheelsandmore brings along a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) to make sure you get your money’s worth.

A KW Type 4 coilover suspension complements the lightweight wheels. A cheaper version with KW coil springs that lowers the performance coupé by 25 mm is also available.

Finally, Wheelsandmore can equip the BMW M8 Competition Coupe with a dAHLer exhaust system for an iconic sound.

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