Photos – A Closer look and guide to Alpina

Alpina entered the BMW tuning business back in 1965. In track championships and several other areas, we can definitely say that Alpina’s venture into the tuning business is already a success. But there are much more that we do not know about Alpina. The photos below will give us a closer look at a company very close to the heart of BMW enthusiasts:

Alpina's latest generation B3 S Biturbo coupe parked in front of the company headquarters in the Alpina Buchloe Park in Buchloe, Germany.
Alpina's classic models
Alpina has been improving non-M production BMW versions since the late nineties.
BMW cars arrive for their Alpina treatment inside the Alpina production workshop.
One of five test cells/rooms in Alpina's new, twelve-million-euro development center for extensive engine testing.
Alpina cars are tested from minus 7 degrees to plus 24 degrees celsius inside the temperature testing room.
Dyno for emissions testing.
An 18,000 strokes-per-minute laser cut leather hide knife cuts out precise shapes needed to cover Alpina car's beautiful interiors.
Leather is sewn by hand for Alpina's excuisite leather interiors.
Molding plaster for new model prototype parts.
It takes about a year to develop a new Alpina car into the finished production model.
The 1,200 engine parts are being assembled by hand.
Did you know that Alpina also produces and sells around 9 million euros of wine per year?

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