Debates for the naming convention of the coming BMW i7 EV

We all know that the upcoming BMW 7 Series will be in a fully electric version. BMW is pretty open about it, and it looks like it will be another game-changer as to how the company develops in the long run. However, the automaker finds it hard to make a new naming scheme to adapt to this new EV trend. Most cars come defined by the numbers and letters on their respective boot lids over the years, so it has never been easy to come up with another name for the new BMW i7 EV.

Debates for the Naming Convention of the Coming BMW i7 EV

Several fans and enthusiasts used to give meanings to a name such as the 730d. It used to translate into ‘3 liter straight six diesel 7 Series’. Not only that deciphering of names happens on BMW, but also at Audi and Mercedes too. Yet, it is a bit trickier than BMW.

This time, it will be tricker once the upcoming iX, i4, and new i7 come out. The new BMW i7 EV will be getting a few models and differentiated using their names. However, the names are under development as of now.

A trusted insider posting on a forum mentions yet another change of name for the new i7 line-up. According to some sources, BMW plans to use monikers like i745 or i750 for the electric version of the 7 Series. But that is no longer the case.

The specs will be similar to that of the new i4. Therefore, the eDrive45 or i745 models may come standard with 400 horsepower and only one powered axle. Moreover, the i750 or xDrive50 model will get a crunchy 450 horsepower. Its M60 version will then get over 500 horsepower. The battery sizes will also vary between 80 and 120 kWh. Even so, regardless of its name, one thing is for sure. BMW will be making another whole new series of its cars, showcasing its capability and how great of a car will the upcoming BMW i7 be.

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