BMW utilizes carbon fiber used in Formula One in the Megacity Vehicle

As the developments for the BMW Megacity vehicle is at its peak, BMW announces that they will use the same lightweight material used for Formula One driver protection on this electronic city car. This fabric will be used by BMW to create a safety cell for the passengers.

With a seating capacity just right for four adults, BMW will make records by being the first to use carbon fiber materials in making the passenger cell. Though the speed of the electronic vehicle will be limited to 170kph to avoid draining the battery, the advantages of using carbon fiber for the passenger safety cell will be an advantage.

The carbon fiber that will be used in making the body of the vehicle will take off 772 pounds its original weight if made from aluminum. Thus, this will lessen the battery output needed by the vehicle.

Aside from this, the use of carbon fiber will also result to a less costly production. BMW has already invested $100 million in their Seattle carbon fiber manufacturing plant in a partnership with SGL Carbon SE. Here, the fibers will be made into fabrics, then it will molded into parts and car components when sent to Germany. BMW officials are very vocal about their intentions to transform their future fleet into lightweight carbon fiber made vehicles.

The BMW Megacity vehicle will be available in 2013. No pricing has been announced yet.
Source: Autonews

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