BMW M4 CSL Teaser Features A Carbon Fiber Hood

The third-ever CSL will arrive as a rear-wheel-drive M4 Competition with exciting upgrades in just a few hours. And it is indeed the return of an icon. The recent BMW M4 CSL teaser features a carbon fiber hood.

BMW M4 CSL Teaser Features A Carbon Fiber Hood

M authorities have firmly hinted that the Coupe Sport Lightweight has gone on a strict diet to lose roughly 100 kilos (220 pounds). And the final teaser confirms that.

BMW M4 CSL teaser features carbon fiber surfaces with red accents. The roof will also have the carbon fiber variety since it comes as a standard on the G82. And it is believed that the entire bonnet comprises the same lightweight material. Meanwhile, in the M4 Competition, you can’t have one because the aluminum hood is the only option.

An earlier teaser showcases body-hugging seats with a red “CSL” insignia lighted on them. It also shows exposed rivets and a lot of carbon fiber. The same material is in use for some of its aerodynamic components. It results in a slimmer and meaner track-focused machine. The car’s diet also includes removing its rear seats. They also eliminated the carbon side mirrors and the bespoke ceramic brake wheels.

BMW M4 CSL Teaser Features A Carbon Fiber Hood

On the other hand, multiple spy pictures show rear spoilers fitted into the trunk lid as a visual tribute to the M3 CSL (E46). And it offers some genuine benefits in terms of more downforce at the back.

 It suggests that the new bimmer will be slightly louder than the Competition. This can happen because of the removal of some of its sound insulation to achieve the desired weight. Manual transmission would have been ideal, but the car can’t have everything.

The new CSL, a follow-up to the 2016 M4 GTS, will roll in this Friday. And is expected to come in limited offerings, only 1,000 units.

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