Leaked Photos of the M4 CSL Before Debut

Much to BMW’s disappointment, someone was a little too ecstatic before the world premiere of the M4 CSL. They decided to break the prohibition and shared official photos with the public. Leaked photos of the BMW M4 CSL before its debut indeed made noise on social media. 

The cues are enough to say that the leaked photos of the BMW M4 CS show the real deal. The yellow daytime running lights and red accents to the ducktail spoiler is accurate. Also, the nod to M3 CSL E46 and the stripped-out two-seat cabin is visible.

We learn that the carbon fiber roof includes two red fins. These red fins form a visual link with the hood. The final teaser confirms that it is as also made from carbon fiber.

The new bimmer CSL will also get a complete aero package with a front spoiler lip and large endplates. It has chunky side skirts and a more robust rear diffuser. The new body pieces are also built of carbon fiber to keep the weight down. So it weighs around 100 kg (220 lbs) less than a rear-wheel-drive M4 Competition.

BMW M4 CSL Teaser Features A Carbon Fiber Hood

The M4 CSL features the previous-gen infotainment system without a stunning curved display. Although to keep up with the M3 Touring, the M3 Sedan will get iDrive 8 this summer. That won’t be an issue because fans of the M4 GTS’ successor are primarily concerned about performance.

The extra oomph will come not just from the strict diet. They also tweaked the S58 engine to create more horsepower than the M4C’s 503 horsepower. Sadly, the manual transmission is absent. But on the brighter side, enthusiasts enjoy the news of the CSL with RWD.

Check it out later today to learn more about the M4 CSL. Anyone eager to get their hands on the much-anticipated coupe should act fast. Because only 1,000 coupes will be available!

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