BMW lauches 730Li with 7 Series Priviledges Programme +

Along with the BMW 7 Series Privileges Programme Plus, PML also took the opportunity to launch the 730Li. In ours eyes, this is going to be the volume seller of the 7 Series range. It comes with all the space of the bigger 7s with a little less pace, but as much grace. The wonderful F02 chassis is still intact along with some of the gadgets from it’s more well endowed brothers.

The engine of the 730Li is in the form of an iL6. it pushes out 310Nm at 2600rpms an 258BHP at 6600rpms. 0-100 comes up in 7.8 seconds and topping out at 245km/h, which is pretty good considering how large the car is. BMW’s fuel consumption claim is 9.8 litres of the good stuff for every 100 kilometres.

Oh yes, there was a La Perla fashion show as well, so some snippets for you all the enjoy….

And some nice looking people… (those on the sides in case you’re wondering)

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