BMW i2: The Future of the 2 Series Lineup?

With a possible release in the future, BMW just put off using the i2 nameplate. Apparently, a compact sports coupe based on the 2 Series lineup might just come at us in the future. Last month, the German brand applied for the BMW i2 and i2 names, reported by

BMW i2 The Future of the 2 Series Lineup

It’s common for automakers to reserve name badges without ever using them later on. However, it seems like the case for BMW is different this time. A 2 Series electric is likely at least in the planning phases in Munich. Before, we’ve actually heard rumours about the 1,000 kW iM2 being in the works, even though its chances are very slim.

Coming this July 6th is the unveiling of the new BMW 2 Series Coupe G42 platform. It will have a product lifecycle of 7 years. So, it’s only safe to assume that an electrified 2 Series might follow up in the future. With the revival of the German brand’s dedicated electric architecture, we know that several electric models will launch by 2023, with more arriving in 2025. They also hinted before at the electrification of almost every, if not the entire, series of BMW products.

BMW i2 The Future of the 2 Series Lineup

Specs-wise, the future BMW 2 Series Coupe could use a similar drivetrain as the upcoming iX1 or 3 Series electric. It may be a combination of single or dual-motor configurations. It’s also possible to have different battery pack sizes. Like, with the entry-level range set at least 200 miles per full charge.

Bearing the 2 Series bodystyle, we can expect it to have a lot of development tweaks for a sporty and dynamic ride. In the end, BMW customers expect the Ultimate Driving Machine character from their cars, irrespective of the drivetrain.

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