Driving Electric’s impression on BMW iX’s prototype

At the end of this year, the BMW iX is bound to launch in different driveways worldwide. This all-electric SUV has now being offered for a test drive while it’s still in its prototype stage and for limited numbers only.

Some of its features might not be available and some other details would not be exactly fitting to the car as it is still a prototype. Regardless of these conditions, there are already few journalists driving it, and reviews are optimistic.

One of the fortunate is the Driving Electric, which was one of the first to drive the BMW iX’s prototype. Their test car was the BMW iX xDrive50, which is a bridge model between the xDrive40 and the M60, but is still faster and has a greater range than the xDrive40.

This unit is an all-wheel-drive car that produces a whopping 500 horsepower. Despite weighing over 2.5 tons, its power is enough to get it off the line quickly. The iX xDrive50 has a surefooted demeanour that you can only find in premium vehicles.

When you squeeze the accelerator, the BMW iX pulls away effortlessly and quickly, according to the review. The air suspension smooths out the road irregularities, but this car isn’t just about comfort.

The BMW iX’s prototype doesn’t disappoint when driven in a more sporty manner. The steering appears to be “delicate and accurate,” with a quick turn-in, which is reassuring.

Overall, the car was described as a “really outstanding overall package” that “would cause potential Tesla Model X customers to think twice.”

It remains to be seen whether this will be enough to make the iX into a huge seller. But the reviews we’ve seen so far have been favourable, and we can’t wait to get behind the wheel.

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