BMW Designs Zeydon Z60 Performance Cruiser Yacht

With the horsepower wars in Germany showing no clear victor, the major auto companies have opened up a second front, on the high seas. It all started with the announcement of the Porsche Design deal with Singapore-based yacht builder Royal Falcon Fleet, then Swedish company Vizualtech decided to design an Audi R8 inspired catamaran for the Dubai race boat company. BMW Designworks USA has now decided to get in the game by unveiling their joint effort with Belgian yacht builder Zeydon.

Perhaps the biggest automotive related hybrid ever created, the boat can use its sail or power plant to get things moving. Downwind speeds can reach 23 knots while less desirable wind conditions allow it to achieve 10 knots. No wind? No problem, just turn on the ship’s engine and the boat can easily cruise at speeds between 10 and 13 knots.

The Performance Cruiser Z60 yacht has outstanding design touches and features high grade materials. No word on pricing, but it’s probably safe to assume potential owners already have a fleet of BMW’s in their garage.

Source: / BMW Designworks USA

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