A Look Inside BMW’s Secretive Environmental Test Center

BMW has already gained the reputation for reliable and quality cars that deliver excellent performance. This is because of their exhaustive engineering and testing of course. The environmental testing facility in Munich is the latest investment of BMW for their automobile development. There are 5 testing cells inside this one of a kind testing center: the climatic wind tunnel, thermal wind tunnel, environmental wind tunnel, altitude test chamber, and the cold test chamber. Here, in one roof, all climate zones can be generated in just one push of a button. Any test that used to be done on the street can be done here at this new facility. BMW cars and motorcycles can be tested here against forced of nature such as cold, heat, sun, rain, snow, air pressure, humidity and wind. This facility will actually help BMW save on testing costs, because of the large amount of money needed in real locations. The ability to make temperatures from minus 20°C to plus 55°C possible, is just one of the  things that the environmental testing center can do. Here BMW can test their cars even on extreme weather and environmental conditions where they expect the car can be driven to ensure the best customer driving experience, without even leaving Munich.

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