[VIDEO] G80 BMW M3 Gets Tuned by AutoTopNL

The G80 BMW M3 and the M3 Competition show their most significant difference when it comes to performance – that is power. The Competition model produces 503 horsepower while the standard model makes 473 horsepower. However, AutoTopNL proves in this new video that this power difference can be fixed. They said we get to see how this tuning can help fix the power disparity between the G80 BMW M3 and the M3 Competition. 

Geared with a six-speed manual gearbox. AutoTopNL’s G80 BMW M3 standard model also comes with a phenomenal Zanzibar Metallic paint color. They took the M3 to Race Chip for a tune-up in this video. Race Chip interestingly does not have a tune for the standard G80 M3 yet. As a result, the test bed for a tune is AutoTopNL’s G80 BMW M3.

Activated with a press of a button, the tune offers seven different maps to choose from. This button can also bring it back to stock by completely turning off the tune. The seventh map is the most powerful, bringing the engine up to a whopping 650 horsepower. In a much smaller car with only rear-wheel drive and manual transmission, that’s more than the BMW M5 CS. It was able to reduce its time from 100 to 200 km/h (62-124 mph) by about two seconds, by increasing power to 650 horsepower, which is not an insignificant number.

However, there are concerns about its long-term viability despite its impressive performance. The G80 BMW M3’s clutch was not intended to handle that kind of power. In fact, because the manual transmission and clutch couldn’t handle it. BMW reduced the torque of the standard M3 versus the Competition. This is because there is a lack of capability for the manual transmission and clutch. The increase in horsepower may not please the clutch because it jumps from 473 horses to 650 horses, which is a massive jump. But we’re not sure if this matters, especially when the owners are grateful with this tune that makes their ride a lot more fun than before. 

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