[VIDEO] Can the G80 BMW M3 Beat the Others this time?

At this point, new reviews appear every 46 seconds or so for the G80 BMW M3 and G82 BMW M4. This might have probably overdosed you. This time, however, is a little different and a little more interesting. Today’s review is significant because this one comes from Joe Achilles. He’d better like it because he’s already placed an order for one.

Achilles rides the G80 BMW M3 Competition for the first time in this new video. He is getting a preview of what his own car would be like. The vehicle in this video isn’t exactly the same spec as Achilles’ car. Although mechanically speaking, the G80 BMW M3 is still the same essential car, he had to change it to make it more Instagram-friendly.

Unfortunately, the G80 BMW M3 Competition with an automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive is currently the only car available in the UK. The lack of a manual transmission option for the UK is also a disappointment since it is more powerful. Achilles does, however, own an M2 Competition with a manual transmission, so an automatic GM3 as a daily driver is possibly the best option.

Overall, he appears to be impressed with the vehicle. It seems to have excellent steering, handling, grip, and balance. It also appears to be a huge leap forward from the previous-generation vehicle and could impressively beat its new competition. This is based on what the enthusiast has seen and heard, as well as their short drive of it.

Thankfully, based on how much he likes the press car in this video, as well as the M4 he checked previously, it looks that Achilles will enjoy his new car quite a bit. We’re curious to see what it is and how he likes it once he gets it. He hasn’t revealed the car’s specifications yet, presumably because he wants to wait until he officially owns it.

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