Can Artificial Intelligence Truly Replace Human Car Design?

Prepare for a revolution in BMW’s design language as the brand ventures into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). In a recent interview with Top Gear, Adrian van Hooydonk, BMW’s design boss, revealed that AI has found its way into the design process. However, he assured enthusiasts that AI won’t be replacing human creativity but rather acting as a helpful tool.

The potential benefits of AI in car design are evident, particularly when it comes to structural considerations. Van Hooydonk explained how AI can generate design ideas based on specific parameters such as weight, spoke configuration, and rim size. This could prove invaluable for track-focused applications, where optimal strength-to-weight ratios are crucial.

While AI has its merits, van Hooydonk admitted that entirely AI-designed cars fell short of expectations. These designs lacked the distinctive touch that emanates from a human designer’s brain. Instead of synthesizing elements from various sources, AI merely combines existing online images, resulting in designs that fail to capture the essence of true creativity.

Ultimately, the beauty of car design lies in the human touch. Car designs are borne out of personal inspiration, emotions, and a connection between the designer and their creation. AI may have a role as an engineering tool for structural calculations and feasibility assessments. Yet, when it comes to the artistry of design, car companies must continue to rely on the ingenuity and imagination of human designers to preserve the essence and beauty of automotive aesthetics.

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