Get Ready for the Aggressive BMW M3 Touring ‘CSL’

Get ready for more of these builds. Evolve Automotive recently caught our attention with their tuned and modified BMW M3 Touring “CSL,” but now it’s Lightweight Performance’s turn. Top German BMW tuner creates a fierce CSL-inspired beast from the M3 Touring, showcasing the future of performance customization.

With the unmistakable face of the M4 CSL, Lightweight Performance’s creation leaves no doubt about its intentions. Sporting the same hood, red-trimmed kidney grilles, front air intakes, and even yellow headlights, this M3 Touring demands attention. You might easily mistake it from the front for the coveted M4 CSL.

Lightweight Performance equipped the M3 Touring “CSL” with Eibach springs that lower the front by 25 mm while maintaining the rear ride height to ensure an aggressive stance. Complemented by Eibach spacers, the wider wheel track fills out the wheel wells, accentuating its muscular presence. Adding to its bold appearance, this beast rolls on 21-inch wheels, although the ride comfort might concern some.

True to its origins as an exhaust specialist, Lightweight Performance enhanced the M3 Touring CSL’s performance with higher flow downpipes, a silencer, and carbon fiber exhaust tips. This upgraded exhaust system adds an extra 15 horsepower and improves the exhaust note without becoming excessively loud. The setup complies with Euro regulations, making it powerful and road-legal.

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