[VIDEO] BMW Z4 M40i’s Comical Reverse Start in Drag Race vs Porsche Cayman S

The Z4 may be on borrowed time, yet it’s still one of the most entertaining BMWs to drive. The roadster excels on a winding road with the roof down during a long summer drive. But it’s not because it was designed to be the fastest at the drag strip. Nonetheless, someone did a quarter-mile comparison test between the top-of-the-line M40i and a Porsche 718 Cayman S.

In a surprising twist, the BMW driver accidentally shifted the eight-speed Steptronic transmission into reverse. Consequently, the initial duel ended before it began. Unrelenting in the second drag race, the mid-engined Zuffenhausen sports car effortlessly outpaced the Bavarian soft-top roadster. The Cayman S’s four-pot generates less torque than the Z4 M40i’s robust inline-six engine. It compensates with slightly more horsepower (350 vs 340) and torque (420 Nm vs 500 Nm).

Weight is where they diverge the most, with the Porsche being roughly 200 kilos (or 440 pounds) lighter. In addition, the Z4 has an eight-speed torque converter, whereas the Cayman has a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic. The coupe’s 2.5-liter engine, positioned in the middle, enhances weight distribution, while both engines drive power to the rear wheels.

In comparison to the BMW, which completed the sprint in 4.61 seconds and crossed the finish line in 12.87 seconds at a trap speed of 176 km/h, the Porsche reached 62 mph (100 km/h) in 4.09 seconds and finished the quarter mile in 12.22 seconds at 114 mph (184 km/h) (109 mph).

Despite the Z4 M40i driver starting the third race earlier than necessary, the Cayman S could still narrow the distance and come close to winning. With or without the Z4 driver’s errors, the Porsche was the faster vehicle that day.

Keep in mind that, similar to the Z4, the Cayman faces impending changes. By 2025, Porsche aims to transition from combustion engines to electric vehicles. Meanwhile, the M40i may get a manual transmission as a parting touch before phasing out in approximately two years.

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