BMW Prolongs Z4 Production Until March 2026, Sources Say

Last year, BMW gave the Z4 a Life Cycle Update, undergoing almost undetectable improvements to the sporty roadster. It didn’t even get the iDrive 8 that is currently available on a cheap 2 Series Active Tourer and will soon be available on a 1 Series. Why did that happen? Because manufacturers want to avoid investing money in a product, they anticipate won’t sell well. The 8 Series LCI also brought subtle changes for the same purpose.

Earlier estimates suggested BMW’s soft-top convertible would phase out in 2025, but recent information hints at a longer lifespan. A reputable insider from the Bimmer Post forums reports a five-month production delay from the original schedule. As for the Toyota Supra, which shares mechanical components with the Z4, current plans indicate a halt in manufacturing by March 2026.

BMW is still preparing to install a clutch pedal in the M40i before the Z4 disappears into the sunset. Despite the Munich-based manufacturer saying nothing, we have reliable information that a three-pedal M Performance variant is still in the works. The corporation may sell the stick shift Z4 M40i in a few areas. And the United States is an obvious candidate given that M buyers tend to prefer the manual transmission. Thus it may not be a globally available product.

The three-pedal Z4 M40i will begin production in March 2024, according to the same person who is aware of BMW’s intentions.

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