New Rear Framework Illustration for the Upcoming BMW XM

For 2022, the Bavarian will be launching their first-ever electrified M Car and bespoke M model, the BMW XM. We have seen a lot of spied photos circulating online that gave us an idea about its design language, but its overall design framework remains a mystery.


The configuration of the iconic double twin exhaust pipes is one element that quickly stands out. Quad exhausts are standard on all M vehicles, but the placement is unique in the BMW XM’s rear bumper. They’re piled on one another and hexagonal. Like the new M3/M4’s Performance Exhaust, the exhaust pipes are vertically stacked and are a unique BMW design. 

In this article, @bmw43_ illustrates the rear-end design of the upcoming BMW X. Unlike most of the BMW models, its taillights are in a classic L-shaped design with straight edges. The rendering artist created an intriguing interpretation with a sculpted feature for a more dynamic aspect. As a result, you can expect a roomy rear compartment for an extended baggage capacity.

Like the existing X5M or X6M, BMW will split the highest XM models based on power. The entry-level is liable to offer an output of 617 horsepower. As the first fully electrified M model in history, the top-of-the-line XM will have a working name as the M Top. With a hybrid powertrain, this M Top combines a V8 engine with an electric motor. It will likely produce a remarkable 738 horsepower. 

With the improving COVID-19 situation in Germany, BMW will attend the 2021 Munich Auto Show. By this time, the Bavarian brand will introduce the BMW XM as it is initially scheduled sometime in 2022. BMW will make use of this chance to show off a strong array of their current and future models.

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