A New Render of the All-electric BMW 3 Series

If the Bavarian brand makes an all-electric BMW 3 Series, we may have an idea of what it looks like according to the previous rendering. However, the next generation will be the ones to avail this electric 3 Series if BMW will make such a car. But for the Chinese market, there will be an upcoming electric G20 3er with a long wheelbase. Nevertheless, they can build one, and it’ll be intriguing to watch what BMW does with an electric G20 3 Series.  

All-electric BMW 3 Series

Magnus.Concept released their own render of what could possibly a G20 BMW 3 Series might look like. From afar, you wouldn’t be able to identify it as a 3 Series unless you take a look closely, especially on its grille. This render replaces the regular G20 grille with a replica of the same design. It doesn’t need a functional grille because it’s an electric vehicle. This new render looks like a 330i M Sport with the same wheels.

Nonetheless, it demonstrates that such a vehicle might be good-looking. With electric-specific parts, massive made-up kidney grilles, and a Gran Coupe design, the BMW i4 is a radical-looking vehicle. On the other hand, this render depicts a 3 Series that is ideal for BMW customers who want something electric yet simple. 

This is something that BMW is capable of. With a G20 3 Series chassis, the BMW i4 is made on the same platform as the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe. Therefore, an electric version of BMW’s current 3 Series is a distinct possibility. It will be a different story if whether or not this is a financially viable venture. Until the next generation, we won’t see an all-electric BMW 3 Series, but we hope that it looks as natural as this car. All enthusiasts can get behind a 3 Series Electric that appears and handles like a BMW 3 Series.

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