[VIDEO] What is it like to own a BMW X5 xDrive45e

Car reviewing depends on the limited time journos are available with it given by manufacturers most of the time. It goes on for about days or a week, thinking that it is enough to form an educated opinion about it. However, there is always something that journos might miss. That is accurate when referring to plug-in hybrid cars due to complex powertrains like the BMW X5 xDrive45e. Dig in for more details of the BMW X5 xDrive45e in this new video of Harry Metcalfe. 

The xDrive45e boasts an outstanding refinement and handling combined with a more decent electric range. But, what could the X5’s behaviour in the long run? Thanks to long-term reviewers and owners, they do come quite handy. Harry Metcalfe, with his long-term BMW X5 xDrive45e, showcases it in his recent videos. What are his thoughts on the X5 after 10,000 miles? 

Harry mentions his perceptions and impressions about the side sills. The doors do not go over them, and it is too broad. It ruins your trousers most of the time. The Display Key or key-fob is Harry’s least favourite key since it is too big. It also does not have a hole to carry around easily. Harry stated that the iDrive system is the ‘best’ once you get used to it. 

Most of those features usually apply to the BMW X5 xDrive45e despite any engine you have beneath the lid. But what about the specifics of a plug-in hybrid X5? Things went better than expected in the plug-in hybrid X5, specifically in the mpg department. Harry states in his video that he averaged a 63.7 mpg with the X5 last month. It went 495 miles in total and 278 of which were electric. Check out more as Harry discusses more of the details in his new video of Harry’s Garage.

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