[Video] BMW Takes on Cheap Luxury SUV Challenge

Buying a used luxury SUV is an even bigger risk than purchasing a used premium automobile. When compared to sedans, SUVs are riskier since there is more that could go wrong. You’ll find larger V8 engines, air suspensions, and differentials/axles/transfer cases. We’ll see which of these three older luxury SUVs performs the best in terms of reliability — the BMW X5 E53, the Porsche Cayenne first generation, or the Range Rover L322. Check-out Carwow’s newest video featuring Mat Watson’s challenge.

BMW’s E53 X5 is one of the best-looking SUVs the company has ever produced; the first-generation Porsche Cayenne proved that luxury SUVs could also drive like sports cars, and Land Rover’s L322 Range Rover delivered nearly Bentley-level luxury with Jeep Wrangler-rivaling off-road prowess. 

However, they are all notorious for being unreliable. The E53 generation of X5s is notorious for corrosion, electrical issues, and faulty V8 engines like the one in this video. Whereas L322 Range Rovers are well-known for their rust, L322 Range Rovers have a lot of electrical, air suspension, and gearbox issues. While the Porsche Cayenne isn’t as notoriously problematic as the 911, it still suffers transmission problems and overheats easily.

Each car in this challenge has unique issues, and they’re all quite worn out. Problems are inevitable when purchasing a used luxury vehicle at a discount. If those problems are manageable, you can buy one of these cars inexpensively, fix it up, and maybe come out ahead financially compared to purchasing a brand-new, non-premium SUV.

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