BMW XM Arrives in Sao Paulo in Flashy Yellow Colour

Before its debut, the new BMW M2 was supposed to be the last of its kind with its gasoline engine, rear-wheel drive, and manual transmission. Given its 7-year product cycle, BMW’s 2030 M2 expenditure would be a waste. Instead, it’s safe to put money on the first-ever electric M2. BMW M executives discussed the new sports coupe and the company’s electric intentions during the G87 M2’s South African premiere. BMW M CEO Frank Van Meel told the press that the business will not make mini or tiny high-performance plug-in hybrids.

In an interview, van Meel told Carbuzz, “A plug-in hybrid in a small car might be a difficult issue because plug-in hybrids need sufficient power, even if the electric part is unavailable.” A weak conventional powerplant makes a plug-in hybrid useless. Since there are no plans for a four-cylinder hybrid M car, the 2030 M2 should be electric.

BMW M will release multiple models by 2030, including the first-ever electric M3 and at least one electric SUV (like the iX3M). Therefore, it is inevitable that the new generation of BMW M2 will benefit from their experience producing these items. Unless an unexpected M2 xDrive appears after the G87 cycle, this model may also be the first M2 to include the technology. Also, we’re quite confident that we can.

Naturally, the manual transmission will be obsolete in the all-electric BMW M2 of the future. BMW kept the six-speed manual transmission as an option in many models thanks to the US M community. The BMW G87 M2 is a historic M car and a great driver, regardless of its appearance.

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