BMW Partners with Figure for Humanoid Robots

BMW’s Plant Spartanburg, known as the “Home of the X,” is revolutionizing automotive production. Partnering with California startup Figure, BMW aims to deploy Figure 01, the “world’s first commercially viable autonomous humanoid robot,” to enhance efficiency, cut costs, and improve safety on the production line.

In the pilot phase, BMW and Figure will identify key areas for Figure 01, a versatile robot designed to boost productivity and cut manufacturing costs. Figure’s CEO, Brett Adcock, stresses the robot’s safety features for collaborative work with humans. BMW’s role as Figure’s first commercial partner underscores its commitment to tech advancement since Figure’s founding in 2022.

Standing at 5’6” and weighing 132 pounds, Figure 01 boasts a maximum payload capacity of 44 lbs and a runtime of up to five hours. With a speed of 3.9 feet per second, its primary role is to alleviate the need for human labour in hazardous conditions and address labour shortages in key areas. This not only streamlines production but also underlines the commitment to creating a safer working environment.

The significance of this technological leap extends to BMW Plant Spartanburg, the largest factory in the company’s network. With a staggering annual capacity of 450,000 vehicles and a workforce of over 11,000, the plant has been a cornerstone of BMW’s production prowess since 1994. Having assembled over 6.4 million vehicles, the plant has continuously evolved, from the rollout of the first 3 Series (E36) in 1994 to its current status as a powerhouse producing 1,500 vehicles daily.

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