See the G80 BMW M3 give a stunning look in Aventurine Red

It’s not unusual to see the G80 BMW M3 in many unique BMW Individual colours. Especially since it has repeatedly proved to look stunning in any of them. However, there’s always a “first” in everything, like this G80 BMW M3 in Aventurine Red. We often see this colour scheme only on premium, luxurious cars. For one, there’s the BMW M550i painted in the same red hue. And from what we can see, bigger premium automobiles seems to be the perfect platform for this colour. In this gallery, curated by the BMW of Manhattan, we get to see how it looks on a high-performance sports sedan.

See the G80 BMW M3 give a stunning look in Aventurine Red

It doesn’t seem as flashy as the Toronto Red or other colour options of M3, but it’s still decent looking. Pretty decent, actually. It’s a shade that seems more mature and substantial than the usual red found on other BMW models. As a result, the M3 Competition looks sleeker and more luxurious in appearance. Such a colour scheme might actually appeal more to some enthusiasts than the flashier shades of BMW Individual colours.

See the G80 BMW M3 give a stunning look in Aventurine Red

Additionally, it also helps to tone down some of the aggressive stylings we find on the M3, like its overly massive kidney grille. With the Aventurine Red, it at least blends seamlessly into the background. While we can’t really turn the focus away from the massive grille, the colour helps to distract the onlookers with its powerful hue.

See the G80 BMW M3 give a stunning look in Aventurine Red

Stepping inside, the interior is surrounded by elements wrapped in Kyalami Orange. At first, you might think it’s a strange colour combination. The Kyalami Orange doesn’t work exactly well with other exterior paint. However, once you peek inside, they surprisingly give a pleasing interior visual to the M3.

While some cars look good enough in any colour, the M3 has to pair with the best colour to complete an amazing look. So, if you’re thinking to get one for yourself, take some time choosing the right colour. This can make or break the M3 looks for you. Scroll through these featured images, and it might actually convince you to consider getting the Aventurine Red.

[Photos]: BMW of Manhattan

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