The 2023 G60 BMW 5 series to look ‘more’ traditional

The 2023 G60 BMW 5 Series gets a traditional design that many BMW fans will surely celebrate. The comeback of the normal-sized kidney grilles is one of the highlights of this new 5 series. With new models getting upgrades, the BMW is finall leaning back towards its roots, reestablishing its brand heritage. BMW is excited to reveal this update to their clients and fans, knowing that the next-gen 5 Series will be more BMW-ish. 

The next-generation 5 Series will show off a more conventional look than the majority of the new Bavarian metal. With that, we expect that the new 5er will feature a “regular” design, meaning no huge kidney grills and no split headlights. Also, maintaining a BMW-like look, it will remain elegant, equipped with simple lines, like how the previous models were. With the new designs still being highly criticized,  the BMW enthusiasts will definitely rejoice with this news. Fans will be in awe as the top-selling series is finally going to have a makeover look.

While the upcoming 7 series have not come out the market yet, sources confirmed its resemblance to the BMW 5. This only means that the new 5 series will have a cabin upgrade, too.

The German automaker will also release the BMW i5 following the BMW i4 and iX battery packs in 2023. Though heavier than the i4, it is lighter than the iX, and range-wise, it is expected to outperform its counterparts. However, there have been no leaks yet about its powertrain. Although rumors say it might have a rear-wheel-drive of 350 hp and an all-wheel drive of 500 hp, enthusiasts hope that it sports a BMW-like stance.

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