The 2022 BMW iX xDrive40 in Alpine White spotted in Berlin

The BMW iX attracts the attention of its enthusiasts with its fine finish although there are only a handful of people who think it’s cool. Its grille, for example, may look quirky, but the overall design is of confident quality. Just look at how the 2022 BMW iX xDrive40 boasts its new look around the streets of Berlin while dressed in classic Alpine White.

Every BMW should look good in Alpine White. That’s because it’s the standard base color and a free option for any BMW portfolio. Fortunately, this standard yet classic-looking paint colour suits the BMW iX xDrive40 well. The SUV-like appearance of the upcoming BMW iX is accentuated by the contrasting black side skirts. While the flush-fitting door handles and wheels echo the black and white theme, the roof seems to float with its black C-pillar, giving it a cooler appearance.

The BMW iX remains simple, aside from the huge kidney grilles of course. Some aspects of the vehicle are the squared-off fenders, which look good in place, and the other front end, which features subtle vents. Also, the headlights are strategically placed to match the closed line of the hood below. Even though the vehicle looks conventional, it has features that are worth a second look.

Despite its humble aura, the BMW iX is special and cuts a fine figure on the road. With its futuristic stance, it resembles the original i3, which still stands out from the rest of the BMW lineup. Even though it is not seen in the gallery, its interior offers a refreshing look. The new BMW iX will be launched soon and car enthusiasts will surely be lining up to buy it.

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