[VIDEO] 2024 BMW X6 M60i or M50i? Badge Puzzle

BMW set a new standard in late 2007 with the launch of the X6 (E71), bringing a novel blend of SUV utility and coupe grace to the market. Nearly 16 years on, the third-generation Sports Activity Coupe, as BMW aptly named it, is entering the mature phase of its lifecycle. The latest upgrades are most noticeable inside the cabin despite the exterior’s understated modifications.

The M Performance variant has undergone a rebrand. It’s transitioning from the “M50i” to the “M60i” moniker, aligning with the X5 and X7 M Lite models. A recent walkaround video showcases this change. Curiously, the new emblem near the front wheels displays “M50i” instead of “M60i,” suggesting this vehicle may be a prototype. Notably, the pre-facelift M Performance model lacked any emblem on the fender.

The walkaround video offers a comprehensive view of the 2024 BMW X6 M60i, resplendent in the chic Individual colour Isle of Man Green, a hue that gained fame with the M3 G80. This model also features the optional M Sport Package Pro, which adds Shadowline black accents to elements like the front of the new, slimmer LCI headlamps. Unlike the M50i, the updated M Performance model now sports an M emblem on its grille. It also boasts a redesigned front bumper with sharper contours.

BMW’s CLAR-based X6 will continue beyond the LCI release, with plans for a new model still on the same platform. The upcoming fourth-generation X6, known internally as G66, is expected to introduce an all-electric iX6 sibling. Speculation points to a 2028 launch for the next X6, potentially featuring a high-performance M variant, the G96.

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