Check-out G-Power’s 800 HP BMW X5 M Typhoon S

German tuner G-Power has created a powerful package for the BMW X5 M, dubbed the Typhoon S. This package includes a wide body kit made of carbon fibre, which gives the SUV a more aggressive appearance. The kit includes nine custom parts: a front spoiler, wheel arch extensions, side skirts, rear diffuser, and roof spoiler. 

G-Power swapped the original alloy wheels for 23-inch forged wheels with 315/25 R23 tires and added a height-adjustable suspension that lowers the SUV by 40 mm in front and 45 mm in back. The vehicle’s rear also features menacing carbon-coated exhaust tips measuring 100 mm and 110 mm.

The highlight of Typhoon S is the modifications made to the S63 engine under the hood. This twin-turbo V8 produces 800 hp, up over the X5 M Competition’s 617 hp. Torque hasn’t been announced, although it’s likely to be greater than 553 lb-ft. Larger turbos with higher boost pressure, decreased exhaust back pressure, and a stainless steel exhaust with downpipes and sound-control valves increased power.

The interior of Typhoon S remains mostly unchanged, except for an individually numbered plaque mounted on the storage lid of the centre console. This plaque indicates that this is not a regular X5 M. BMW will offer a new version of the Typhoon S with the S68 mild-hybrid engine and iDrive 8 in 2023.

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