BMW X3 M Tuned To 720 HP VS Lamborghini Huracan Performante

The BMW X3 M was the only practical alternative to the M3 Sedan until this year. If you live in North America and like flexible midsize M vehicles, you’ll be disappointed as this super wagon is not available. These updated versions of the X3 M Competition and Lamborghini Huracan were put to the test.

After extensive modifications by UK companies ecoMax of Peterborough and DRW Performance of Liverpool, the Bavarian performance SUV is hardly in stock. The S58 inline-six engine’s output has been increased to a staggering 720 horses thanks to methanol infusion and other upgrades. It could use to lose some weight, coming in at 2,085 kg, but that’s par for the course with SUVs.

The Italian supercar is the fiery Performante trim, powered by a 5.2-litre V10 engine tuned to produce 540 horsepower. It has far less power than the revved-up X3 M Competition, but it more than makes up for its weight. Its weight of 1,382 kilogrammes is 703 kilogrammes less than that of the average person.

The two high-performance vehicles compete in a series of rolling and drag races against one another. In spite of the BMW’s violent neck-craning launches, the “baby” Lamborghini was still the faster of the two. Even though the X3 M won the first drag race, the Huracan Performance avenged itself in the next two encounters. The Lamborghini achieved 60 mph in 2.59 seconds, while BMW took 2.69 seconds. Given how heavy the automobile was, 10.61 seconds at 131 mph is astounding.

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