[Video] New BMW M8 Gran Coupe taking on the Audi R8

After introducing the M xDrive all-wheel-drive system, we can fairly say that the current M line-up is now more diversified. It is a game-changer for the German automaker as it now allows current M cars to get along on drag strips with proper supercars. Tuning these cars might even beat rivals from higher segments. How about the BMW M8 Gran Coupe on a Stage 2 upgrade? Can it take on the Audi R8? Only one way to find out in this new video from Dragtimes Info.

Of course, enthusiasts will call it unfair if the Audi will go on the BMW as stock. Yet, the M8 can rely on more torque, which leaves the Audi behind. Some might say that the R8 has less weight than the M8. Sure, it is lighter as the Gran Coupe has extra weight on it, but it still would not stand a chance. However, Dragtimes Info makes a different kind of drag race, this time featuring two tuned monsters. The BMW M8 Gran Coupe with the powerful 900 horsepower Audi R8.

Moreover, this specific M8 Gran Coupe in the video is on Stage 2 tuning. It means that the car also had some bolt-on changes, aside from an ECU tuning. The intake is also definitely changed. Taking a closer look, we can see its sport filters peeking from behind the grilles upfront. Moreover, the turbos might have meddled, and there are changes in its engine as well. Overall, it leaves the M8 Gran Coupe with an increase of total power that reaches up to 850 horsepower.

Its Audi competitor on the other side of the drag strip comes standard with a naturally aspirated V10 engine. Yet, the R8 in this test is tuned as well. Thanks to the guys from Gyrza Gosha Turbotech for the Audi R8’s forced induction. It then made the 5.2-liter V10 engine of the R8 make an outstanding 900 horsepower. This leaves the all-wheel-drive Audi R8 with more power and less weight than the M8. With the greater of the Audi R8, can the Stage 2 BMW M8 Gran Coupe take on the Audi R8? Check out this video for the results.

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