[Video] Carfection makes a Review of the new BMW 128ti

We have seen the further development of technology and the changes it made in the automotive world. This improvement of the industry made the car segment more exciting and intriguing through its platform and electrification changes. So, BMW decides to take it also to another level by betting on a front-wheel-drive architecture. Thus, the birth of the new BMW 128ti hot hatch. Carfection release a new video of the 128ti hot hatch, finding out if it is worth buying.

BMW fans could not accept a performance model with a white and blue roundel on the hood with a front-wheel-drive setup. Yet, can the new 128ti convince them to like it? These guys from Carfection decide to take the 128ti to a test and finds out for themselves.

Drivers will easily notice the suspension the moment it sets off. The 128ti comes in standard guise with non-adaptive dampers. These dampers are set up to be stiffer than those found adaptive ones on the M135i, even in Sport mode. Moreover, the spring rates have been stiffened up by eight percent too. So, it will be a bumpy ride when driving the BMW 128ti.

It feels a bit raw when driving the 128ti hard. However, it is a welcome change of pace as the 128ti is supposed to appeal to those who want to get their hands more on hot hatches. It would have been nice to have a manual gearbox as an option. Yet, it does not exist due to strict emission legislation, according to BMW.

Carfection mentions the main problem in the new BMW 128ti. The automotive industry is already full of thoroughly great hot hatches in front-wheel-drive setups out there. That leaves the work on the BMW 128ti cut out. Even so, if you are into cars for daily driving yet a fascinatingly hot hatch, then the BMW 128ti is something to consider.

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