[VIDEO] 800hp BMW M8 Convertible At Speed on the Autobahn

Wind and exhaust noise in convertibles often overpower the driving experience. None of the sensory inputs is concealed by a roof. Therefore, the experience feels more severe the more potent the engine and the louder the exhaust. What must a BMW M8 Convertible with 800 horsepower feel like at highway speeds? You can watch such a vehicle take on Germany’s renowned unrestricted route in this brand-new AutoTopNL video.

The BMW M8 is an incredibly quick vehicle right out of the gate. When you put your foot down, the BMW M8 removes stretches of tarmac, even with the additional weight of the convertible. No one has ever driven an M8 in a rage and thought it was slow, I assure you. However, increasing its 617 horsepower to 800 horsepower does make a significant impact and makes it far faster.

It’s amazing to see the M8 Convertible’s 800 horsepower cruise around with the top down. The video host constantly apologises for how annoying it is because it is so violent and noisy. Even while passing some horses, he must shut off the exhaust valves. It’s necessary, so the horses don’t get startled by the loud fake pops and bangs. A loud exhaust is fine, but it also needs to sound well. It just sounds like someone placed firecrackers in a metal garbage car and duct-taped it to your head, which is not nice. Anyone could not possibly find that enjoyable regularly.

But I can imagine owners appreciating the speed. BMW should take credit for creating an extraordinarily powerful and long-lasting engine and drivetrain. Along with handling 800 horsepower without enhanced internals, the xDrive all-wheel-drive system and the eight-speed ZF automatic transmission are unfazed by it. Both can manage the power without crashing and transfer it to the wheels without issue. Despite having significantly more power, it accelerates just as smoothly as the basic M8.

Unfortunately, the roof was up during the fast Autobahn section, but it’s understandable. However, it would have been intriguing to see how fast it could travel and what that would have been like with the roof down. Nevertheless, any BMW enthusiast can imagine travelling at such speeds without a roof would be incredibly uncomfortable. The massive brute’s speed is nevertheless astounding.

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