BMW M4 Fire Orange Looks Subtle With M Performance Parts

The M4 G82’s configuration can take a long time if you’re picky, as BMW provides a wide range of options for building your dream sports coupe. This striking configuration of a Competition model with rear-wheel drive may inspire anyone seeking a brash build. The high-end model of the M3 painted in Fire Orange like the M3 E92 Lime Rock Park Edition, with the new black M decals on the bonnet and trunk lid.

The M4 on display at Autohaus Matthes Group in Suhl, Germany, has M Performance Parts. Carbon fiber diffusers house quad exhaust points in the car’s optional central exhaust location. The exterior, from the front splitter to the side skirt attachments, is made of the same lightweight material.

The car is outfitted inside with matching Kyalami Orange and black Merino leather upholstery, further amplifying the bold exterior hue. Those 50th anniversary M symbols we saw outside aren’t inside, but that’s not too much of a problem. Alcantara upholstery options from M Performance Parts are also absent.

The 3 Series runs OS 8, however the 4 Series hasn’t yet (except for the i4). There will always be people who like the “traditional” dashboard with one screen. With the latest iDrive infotainment system, you can’t access the physical temperature buttons. BMW has extended the M3 and M4’s life cycles until 2027, and with this extension comes a Life Cycle Impulse to keep the models competitive. Meanwhile, the sedan will be the first to receive a CS variant early in the new year.

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