BMW M4 Super Coupe Stuns in Frozen Deep Green

BMW offers a wide array of customization options for the M4 Coupe to those with the means. This opulent setup showcases the extent of personalization an affluent buyer can achieve, investing a considerable amount in the performance coupe. A German dealer in Wuppertal has kindly allowed us to share images of a fully decked-out G82, a testament to luxury and style.

The M4 Competition shines in the Individual catalogue’s Frozen Deep Green matte paint, a hue made famous by the limited-edition M5 CS. This vehicle also features stunning gold wheel polish, similar to the four-door rocket. The dramatic 1000 M set, sourced from the M Performance Parts catalogue, creates a striking contrast, enhancing the coupe’s visual appeal. A sleek carbon fibre body package rounds off the exterior upgrades, adding a touch of sophistication.

The individual who customized this brand-new vehicle chose a striking interior, pairing a green exterior with a Silverstone/Black interior, a rare combination. A high-performance Competition model features an eight-speed automatic transmission to channel power to the wheels. The manual option is exclusive to the M4 base model. Echoing the CS launched in 2024, the CSL also comes solely with an automatic transmission.

Regarding the CS, the previous year’s M3 CS Sedan featured additional customization options beyond the base model. Therefore, the upcoming hot variant is expected to have its unique specs. Unlike the two-seater CSL, the special edition M4 CS won’t eliminate the rear seats, maintaining practicality. Additionally, it will differ from the CSL by utilizing xDrive instead of a rear-wheel-drive setup.

Meanwhile, BMW is expected to update the standard M4 with a minor Life Cycle Impulse soon, before the release of the M4 CS.

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