BMW E92 M3 Lime Rock Edition vs. BMW M4 Fire Orange

BMW has always been known for its eye-catching colours. Although many of these colours are only available as special orders, the company continues to produce some of the most colourful and intriguing paints in the market. Fire Orange, which first appeared on the E92 M3 Lime Rock Edition, is a popular colour choice. This colour can give a new lease of life even the most mundane of vehicles. In this new photo gallery, you can see the original E92 M3 Lime Rock and the new G82 BMW M4, both painted in Fire Orange. Check out which of the two looks better in Fire Orange.

For a large group of BMW enthusiasts, the E92 M3 Lime Rock is by far the more beautiful car. It’s hard to dispute the subtle beauty of the E92 M3, which is so well complemented by the bright Fire Orange paintwork.

On the other hand, the G82 BMW M4 provides a visual contrast to the E92 M3. It is big, bold and unmissable. Many claim it is not as charming or lovely as the E92, although the initial shock has worn off as more and more enthusiasts take to it. However, the G82 M4 looks great in fire orange.

Given the M4’s exterior appearance, you might have expected a more subdued colour scheme, but Fire Orange suits the design. The E92 M3 Lime Rock is the clear winner in terms of aesthetics.

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