[VIDEO] How far can the AC Schnitzer-Tuned BMW Z4 M40i go?

As Joe Achilles discussed in the podcast session, he currently has a pretty special rental car. He is currently driving an AC Schnitzer-tuned BMW Z4 M40i, having swapped his M3 Competition for an xDrive. In the video, he puts the modified Z4 through its paces on very expensive wheels but also shows how much fun it is to drive.

The AC Schnitzer BMW Z4 M40i is remarkable because of the modifications, but especially because of the suspension. With the AC Schnitzer coil-over suspension, the Z4 feels like a much more expensive car. Achilles claims that he recently drove the Porsche Taycan Turbo S with its excellent PSAM air suspension and the Z4 felt no worse. A Taycan Turbo S costs about as much as two AC Schnitzer BMW Z4 M40i.

But there are also the flashy wheels, which are a bit pricey, and the updated soundtrack. The Z4 M40i is powered by the BMW B58 engine and sounds great right out of the box. (Maybe not in Europe, because of the exhaust philtres). The upgraded quad pipes from AC Schnitzer sounds like it’s an Italian exotic.

Thanks to the AC Schnitzer improvements, the Z4 M40i now has much better handling. The Z4 M40i has long been considered one of the most underrated sports cars on the market, but thanks to the AC Schnitzer improvements, the Z4 M40i now handles much better than ever before. These tyres not only make the Z4 more comfortable but also improve its agility, making it even more fun to drive.

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