[VIDEO] BMW M3 Touring Shines at International Open in Frozen Portimao Blue

The M2 G87 recently sported the distinct Frozen Portimao Blue matte paint from the Individual collection. Now, BMW has grabbed attention again by showcasing the M3 Touring in Munich. This took place at the 34th BMW International Open, featuring the same eye-catching finish.

Presented in a top-tier configuration, the Bavarian super wagon boasts the optional M Carbon Fiber Package. This also includes carbon-ceramic brakes with gold callipers and two-tone 826 M alloys. Adding to its allure, the vehicle features laser headlights. These headlights are increasingly rare as BMW phases them out in newer models.

Regardless of personal opinions on the controversial kidney grille, there is no denying the M3 Touring’s imposing presence, thanks to its prominent fenders. The rear of the G81 model exudes allure, and its wagon form offers unexpected practicality for a high-performance luxury car. Notably, this vehicle features optional carbon bucket seats, a rarity in wagons.

Enthusiasts argue that BMW’s timing for the M3 Touring introduction poses opportunities and challenges. While electrification gains momentum, the vehicle maintains its core inline-six engine. However, with the current year being 2023 and the rising cost of living, the starting price for the exclusive Competition model with xDrive is €101,300 before any optional extras.

In 2025, the M division plans to launch the M5 Touring (G99), a larger wagon featuring the powerful plug-in hybrid V8 engine found in the M5 Sedan (G90), delivering over 700 hp. Unlike the M3 Touring, the larger performance estate is expected to be available in the US.

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